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Ballerina Belle is a 13 book series who introduces young readers to classical music, famous ballets and contains pratical informations for aspiring ballerinas. Exquisite and enchanting, a ballet series worth treasuring forever, complete with breathtakingly beautiful illustrations.

Adapted for
6 years old and +
French &
Written by a
professional dancer
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Ballerina Belle Book 1
The First Ballet Class
Ballerina Belle Book 4
The Pajama Party
Ballerina Belle Book 7
The Enchanted Forest
Ballerina Belle Book 10
The Princess
Ballerina Belle Book 13
The Christmas Surprise
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The story of Belle and her friends includes 13 illustrated albums inspired by the greatest classical ballets. Through the different stories, aspiring ballerinas and Belle will evolve together, discovering friendship, the art of dance and its secrets.

Each book contains a tutorial with practical informations such as "How to do a ballet bun" or "How to do the 4th arabesque" !

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For Dancers, by Dancer

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It was love at first sight. That's the feeling Carol Talmon de l'Armée had when she started classical dance. A devoted dancer for nearly 10 years, she then wished to transmit her knowledge and became a passionate teacher.

Today, it is in the United States that she continues to share her love of dance every day. Ballerina Belle represents her desire to transmit this art to the younger generation.

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